The Vegan Oyster

Codium delivers a strong sea flavour with distinct oyster overtones. Vegans and vegetarians can now enjoy a defined sea flavour in their recipes.
The spongy bite and velvet texture sits smoothly on the palate.
Codium stands out for its protein, iron and magnesium content. As well as dietary fibre, it brings a revolution of tasty flavour to your healthy diet.

How to enjoy it

In these available formats:

- DRIED: Use it directly to make amazing vegan oyster stocks. Grind into seasonings and mix with flour, added to soups or salad dressings. Re-hydrate for 20 minutes, wash to remove salt and use like a fresh vegetable. Use crushed or minced in fillings for croquettes and pies, or for creams and sources. Chopped on salads, toast, tartar and tempura. It also binds well and makes a good thickener.

- CAN: Enjoy an ocean sunset with this perfect snack paired with craft beer, white wine or cocktails. Use directly on a cracker as a canape, on salads or seafood dishes.

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