Macrobiotic Umami

The Kombu has an “al dente” to lightly crunchy texture when its fresh and a softer tender texture when cooked.
It is famous for its salty and lightly smoked, almost mushroom like, “unami” flavour.
Its “amazing” nutritional value includes high dietary fibre content, vitamins A,B,C and E and minerals like Iodine, Calcium and Magnesium making Kombu the Champion superfood complement.
Cooked with legumes (lentils Etc), Kombu stock improves the overall macrobiotic performance of the legume, making them easier to digest and enabling more nutrients to be absorbed. Ideal for Vegans and vegetarians.

How to enjoy it

In these available formats:

- DRIED: Use directly to make tasty stocks, soups and broth. Just 5 minutes cooking enhances any flavour and delivers nutritional benefits.

- REHYDRATED: Cook from 10 to 20 minutes to get different textures.

Health Note: Kombu has a high Iodine content. Please read the packaging for Recommended Dietary Intake(RDI). Iodine is important to daily health but if you have a Thyroid concern please consult your doctor before eating Kombu.

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