Oceanic Green Beans

Sea Spaghetti brings a new world of possibilities to the kitchen, with:
• Its crunchy bite and soft tender texture.
• A taste of fresh green bean.
• The “cool” new shape of spaghetti growing wild!
It is also an important source of iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B2, C, B7 and E.

How to enjoy it

In these available formats:

- DRIED: grind into seasoning to bring a lightly sea aroma to your dishes. Boiled: garnish on fish. Add to scrambled eggs, soups, noodles, rice, pastas, legumes, croquettes and canapes.

- REHYDRATED: a perfect complement beside bacon and eggs breaky: fried or scrambled!

- JAR or CAN: For a ‘fancy” fast snack, pair with a nice white wine, craft beers or fresh Cocktails, Codium crackers and goats cheese.

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