Organic Dried Kombu 100g


Our edible Atlantic Kombu seaweed, harvested by hand and dehydrated at low temperature brings to your table a new umami experience. Use this Kombu to infuse stocks or to make soups, the vegan umami is an actual game changer for all your recipes. Feel the macrobiotic power of the Kombu specially when you are cooking your legumes, the time of cooking the legumes is reduced and ease considerably their digestion.

Ingredients: Organic Dried Kombu edible Seaweed*. (Laminaria ochroleuca). *Hand harvested edible Sea Vegetable from organic production.


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  • Umami flavor
  • Macrobiotic stocks hero


  • Atlantic Kombu “amazing” nutritional value includes high dietary fibre content, vitamins A,B,C and E and minerals like Iodine, Calcium and Magnesium making Kombu the Champion superfood complement.
  • Cooked with legumes (lentils Etc), Kombu stock improves the overall macrobiotic performance of the legume, making them easier to digest and enabling more nutrients to be absorbed. Ideal for Vegans and vegetarians.


  • Use directly to make tasty umami and macrobiotic stocks, soups and broth. Just 5 minutes cooking enhances any flavour and delivers nutritional benefits.
  • The cooking time for your legumes is less when you use a kombu stock, feel later how the digestion of these legumes is much better.


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