Organic Dried Sea Lettuce 100g


Our edible sea lettuce seaweed, harvested by hand in their natural environment along the coast of Galicia and dehydrated at low temperature is the new iron superhero in your diet. With a pretty bright green colour a mild sea flavour and an amazing nutritional values, the sea lettuce is the perfect complement for any of your recipes. Used grounded as seasoning you can get a mild sea bitter twist in your dishes or used re-hydrated to mix in your salads and feel the magic iron power provided by this sea vegetable.

Ingredients: Sea Lettuce edible Seaweed* (Ulva spp). *Hand harvested edible Sea Vegetable from organic production.

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  • Light sea bitter flavour seasoning
  • Super Iron hero


  • Sea Lettuce contains almost every vitamin in the entire spectrum! Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and folate, vitamin C and E as well as calcium and magnesium.
  • It’s iron and protein content rivals beef
  • Health claims include promoting bone health, weight loss and increased longevity (being popular Okinawa japan) and for lowering cholesterol.


  • Use it to make stocks or grind for seasonings.
  • The dried flavour can be slightly bitter which makes the Sea Lettuce a perfect ingredient to create balance when tuning and exploring flavours.

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