Organic Dried Codium 25g


This organic codium seaweed is harvested by hand in its natural environment, with a pretty emerald green little tree shape, velvety texture and its magic taste like an oyster makes a very signature ingredient to enjoy in your recipes. Use as a seasoning grounded or chopped it when it is dried or get a magic oyster twist in any dish. The wow factor of feeling a swim in the ocean inside your mouth is waiting for you.

Ingredients: Organic Codium seaweed (Codium spp.).

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  • Vegan strong sea flavour
  • Oyster seasoning


  • Vegans and vegetarians can now enjoy a defined sea flavour in their recipes. The spongy bite and velvet texture sits smoothly on the palate.
  • Codium stands out for its protein, iron and magnesium content. As well as dietary fibre, it brings a revolution of tasty flavour to your healthy diet.


  • Use it directly to make amazing vegan oyster stocks.
  • Grind into seasonings and mix with flour, added to soups or salad dressings.
  • Use crushed or minced in fillings for pies, or for creams and sauces.
  • Chopped on salads, toast, tartar and tempura.

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