Organic Seaweed Tartar 160g

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Product made with several species of edible seaweed harvested by hand in their natural environment, cut into small pieces
and then mixed. Enjoy this signature seaweed product on top of a cracker as a fancy appetiser or canape. Eat as an ocean twist complement of your dishes or mixed in salads. Use as a pretty garnish. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Ingredients: Seaweed* 53%: (Sea Spaghetti* –Himanthalia elongata-, wakame* –Undaria pinnatifida-, Sea Lettuce* –Ulva spp.), extra virgin olive oil*, gherkins*, sunflower oil*, onion*, capers*, water, sea salt*, wine vinegar* and spices*(*Organic).

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  • Our Atlantic “Sea Veg” heroes are combined with traditional recipes to deliver a vegan re-interpretation of the Tartar.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


  • All the properties of the Sea Lettuce, Wakame and Sea Spaghetti combined in this gourmet healthy snack.


  • Ready to use.
  • Enjoy as an appetiser or canape.
  • Can be mixed in salads to boost the sea flavours.
  • Use as a garnish.

1 review for Organic Seaweed Tartar 160g

  1. jgaldoporca

    The Seaweed tartar is just amazing, the combination of the ocean twist from the Seaweed with the light pickled dressing becomes fireworks in your mouth. Very easy to use it in my salads as a dressing or in a canape for a classy Seaweed treat.

    • Jorge Galdo

      Thanks for your review and yes!!! The Seaweed Tartar is definitely one of our hero products and the best partner to start the journey in our seaweed world.

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