Salted Fresh Wakame


This organic wakame sea vegetable, harvested by hand is a traditional seaweed in Asian cuisine and currently in the kitchen of many countries in the world boosted by the powerful nutrients of the Galician waters. Through its mild ocean flavour and its delicate texture this sea vegetable is a game changer to provide your recipes with a magic sea twist. Get the ocean taste in any dish soaking this sea vegetable in water for 3 minutes to re-hydrate the seaweed.

Ingredients: Atlantic Wakame edible Seaweed* (Undaria pinnatifida). *Hand harvested edible Sea Vegetable from organic production.

This amazing format to enjoy the Sea Vegetables is available in a package of 200g.

Buy this Seaweed product for first time now in Australia and feel all the Ocean magic with us.

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  • Its delicate ocean flavour with a hint of ‘oyster’ and texture, makes it the ideal cooking companion.


  • Wakame’s real benefits comes from the naturally high level of vitamin C and Calcium.
  • Specially high levels in group B vitamins.
  • The content in dietary fiber enabling excellent gut health and digestion.


  • Use it to make stocks, turning green when cooked in just 5 minutes almost all of its nutritional health benefits are released.
  • Once rehydrated, a perfect complement to your salads or besides any dish providing your recipes with a ocean twist.

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